How to Handle Emergency and Preventative Denver Home Maintenance Like a Pro

Today we will be discussing how to handle preventative maintenance and how it can save you from having to handle emergencies down the road. One thing we always stress is the need for addressing maintenance preventatively rather than letting items build up and problems accumulate over time. Ultimately, putting things off will lead you to spending more money in the future. If you spend a little bit now, you’ll save money in the future and preserve the value of your property.

Furnaces are a great example. Have your furnace tuned up by a certified HVAC tech once a year. You can have professionals blowing out flame sensors, changing furnace filters and tinkering with the inner workings to make sure everything is as tight as can be and working properly. They will also check for carbon monoxide emissions, which is very important. Things like this will save you money down the road. A new furnace will be $3,000 to $6,000, and sending an HVAC technician out for an hour or two will only cost you a few hundred dollars. So in our mind, it’s a no-brainer and money well spent.

Handle Emergency and Preventative DenverFrequent inspections will also help you keep good eyes on the property and make you aware of any maintenance that’s needed. Make sure you’re checking for water leaks and if you see a problem, address it right away. This is much better than allowing water to drip from the sink or the tub for weeks and months on end. Ultimately, ongoing leaks will lead to dry rot and mold, which means a remediation process will be required. Noticing that water leak immediately makes a big difference. It’s the difference between sending a plumber out there for an hour and taking care of property damage that has accrued over time because of deferred maintenance.

If you have any questions about how to take care of maintenance at your rental property, please contact us at Mavi Unlimited, and we’d be happy to help you


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